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Fountain of Inner Joy
Dr. Khanna
Paperback 116 pages

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Fountain of Inner Joy

We are presently offering for sale a wonderful book by Dr. T. R. Khanna. The author is a renowned Vedic scholar who is a living example of the principles and precepts of which he writes. In the Fountain of Inner Joy, Dr. Khanna explores the essence of true happiness, which he tells us can only be found through the practice of wisdom. Dr. Khanna shows us that wisdom is not just an esoteric subject about which one merely philosophizes, but rather a practical code that must be implemented through our living habits, character, and lifestyle. Through the various articles presented in this inspiring book, we are presented with a clear and unambiguous road map for reaching our true potential and discovering the Fountain of Inner Joy.

Quotes from inside the Fountain of Inner Joy

"Never be afraid to keep speaking the truth with love."

"True love is commitment, loyalty, and sincerity in the good or bad times."

"If we are always in a giving mode, we are content and happy. If we are always in an expecting mode, we are dissatisfied and unhappy."

"Don't put limits on your positivity."

"It is useless to dwell on past mistakes or to live in wishful thinking about future change. We should become grateful for the goodness we already have, and actively seek ways to improve our lives in every aspect."

"When speaking the truth, we should never speak out of annoyance."

"Humility is very simple. It is not an act. It is a state of being that comes from the heart."

"We must take some time off for purification of our soul. Otherwise our whole life will go in counting our pains, worries and excuses."

"Become the fountain of joy and compassion, showering love, understanding, and care."






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